Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Not my convertable mustang - but this is my dream (pubdom)
Okay this is my first blog on selling my mustang. I really really want to know what others experience in selling. If you like this blog email me, post or click on links and other blogs to show support. Don't miss the hemmings feed at the bottom of this page. And the video bar to the left should have something fun for you too!

REDUCED the price... if you have been following my adventure in selling love and nostaligia then you can relate to my pain. We have now adjusted price, added pictures and bolted in the rear end. Now if I could get hubby to install engine...hmmmmmm

Almost losing the health insurance this week decided me that okay, we have to reduce the price... agony, start by a smitchy (well 250 is a little more than a smitchy) .

What has happened to all the buyers that called before? Where are the bargain hunters eager to talk you down in price? It done ! price adjusted on craigslist and I swear as God is my witness I WILL LIST it on Ebay before I let it go below the price in my mind (which is a little lower than listed on Craig's) !
WEll it started one day when the reality of the reduced pay hit us over the head. So we sold the 1985 corsica, (hallelujah)!!! NEXT, we decide to place an ad on craigslist and part with the 1966 mustang, bright yellow, chrome beauty, fairly rust free, 289 diff posi & disassembled mustang! Tricky with it in the garage and no pictures. (MISTAKE ALWAYS ADD PICS) - well two cell phone tries and teenage instructor and we have PICS online!!!@ !!!!
I put an ad on craigslist....
Have you ever done that? It's fairly easy and Free. You know what they say? Ya get whatcha pay 4. A couple of calls later we are wondering what's up? We get the same question is this a "c" motor??? We will be there in 15 minutes. What's the deal? I mean this car is in pieces and is a PROJECT!!!!
Lightbulb moment! - Check yahoo answers to find information quickly about this "c" stuff. AND - maybe we set value wrong, afterall, we don't want to lose a gem thatwe can't replace later.

Within minutes I had answers. One poster there said "learn all you can - its a journey," another referred me to hemmings.com and another to a group that has lots of members that own mustangs 1963.5- 1973.

I am really really sad to lose this PROJECT, reality wins. BUT - Oops we have a PROBLEM - HOUSTON!!! I'm falling in love with the PROJECT all over.
My original vision is returning. Driving around in the sleek sexy machine. Going on road trip with daughter to Washington to visit the family. Purring down route 66, tracing my roots. Recapturing the nostalgia of youth.

Reality bites, I am still listing it on craigslist
. Remembering the 1960's and particularly 1966 with Nancy Sinatra, go-go boots, hip-hugger skirts and white, wide belts. Beach Boy music and the Brady bunch (or were those 70's - its all a blur) . Listening to Beatles and jump rope. My friend's sister had 1965 mustang that we all envied because she was old enough to drive AND had a car. WE begged her to take us to school in that 'stang!

Life does goes full circle. Well - except the ugly polyester jumpsuits for guys , I hope they never come back, no offense meant to Greg or Mike Brady - but those were ugly! When I touch the mustang it is like going back in time to happier carefree days.

Well in my journey it turns out yahoo answers is awesome, the guy on Y!answers was right - its a journey (click here to see life is a hiway video) ........ OR - is it?


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